Our commitments

Our Commitments

Based on our core values, and as a leader in a pharmaceutical company, Numark Laboratories considers prioritizing quality and to take both a responsibility as well as an opportunity to enhance our company’s performance. By making sustainability an even stronger part of our company's strategy and operations, we always aim to achieve long-term returns and generate a positive impact for society and the environment.

As we know Quality is a foundation on which all the company built its reputation. Our commitment to quality excellence and Improving patient access to reasonable high-quality medicines ad products is a core value of our company. NUMARK LABORATORIES commitment to Quality Excellence is fully endorsed by the company's Directors. While NUMARK LABORATORIES employees have demonstrated a commitment to quality excellence, it is mandatory upon us to communicate publicly to our patients and to our customers the values upon which our pharma industry is based, and all the ethical and business standards upon which our company remains committed.

From the starting of our pharmaceutical company, in concert with regulators, has evolved we have maintained the scientific discipline practices and level of maturity. As well as with respect to assuring the pharma product quality from Quality Control department through Quality Assurance to Continuous Quality Improvement, and the development of strong and healthy Quality Systems. From this strategy, we declare a Commitment to Quality Excellence in the consistent delivery of each medicine and product quality and safety.

While the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice regulations) of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) defines the minimum standards that are required to meet and maintain a state of control in the manufacture and distribution of drug remedies and products.

With the focus on GMP, we also focus on Pharmaceutical manufacturers and patient needs for high-quality, available medicinal products. The expectation from our company is that we continue to achieve high quality through the execution of comprehensive, up-to-date quality systems and risk management approaches in our pursuit and thus commitment to quality excellence.

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